img 01961111It is with great honor that I undertake the role of Ambassador of Portugal to the United States of America. By carrying on the legacy of my predecessors, I will use the best of my abilities and efforts to deepen an already mature and exceptionally close relationship between our two countries.

The well and long-established friendship between Portugal and the United States began shortly after the U.S. Declaration of Independence, rooted on geographical proximity, on an enduring sharing of principles, values and interests and on a continuous reinforcement of trade and investment, in both directions; and has been supported by the instrumental contributions of the traditional, dynamic and diversified Portuguese and Portuguese-American community (and of their associations, some of which are already centuries old) as well as, more recently, by the growing North American community living in Portugal.

Portugal is, together with the United States, a founding member of NATO. We are also a member state of the European Union. And we have always strived for the strengthening of the transatlantic link, a solid anchor of democratic, vibrant, and open societies.

To continuously improve our services to the Portuguese citizens, companies, and institutions, I rely on the support of the motivated teams of this Embassy, the General Consulates of New York, Boston, Newark and San Francisco, the Consulate in New Bedford, the Vice Consulate in Providence, and the Honorary Consuls, as well as of the delegations of AICEP, visitPortugal and the Portuguese language teaching team.

We also want to be of service to U.S. citizens, companies, and institutions, so that Portugal and the many opportunities for business, tourism, or cultural and academic exchanges in Portugal, in the European Union and in the C.P.L.P. – Community of Portuguese Language Countries – are increasingly known in the United States.

And I’m also counting on you! I appreciate any suggestions you may have.


Francisco Duarte Lopes

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